Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Got a call this morning that the trailer is in! Yay!

I will be meeting Ron at the dealership, as he has the vehicle with the trailer hitch as well as the registration and plate form the old trailer to have transferred, while I have the credit card to pay the outstanding balance.

As far as the Beer Gut goes, Ron picked up the customs forms yesterday, and with a postal clerk's help determined what the optimum packaging solution would be (our own packaging, not a flat-rate international box). That's about as far as we got though, My brain was complete mush and I spent most of the evening . . . reading a book about smallpox in modern-ish American history.

Yeah, I know, I'm strange. I'm a history geek.

But I did finish off a pouch. And Monday evening I re-built Ron's leatherman belt case (I'd made the belt loop a hair too small, and replacing the belt loop required significant other dis-assembly).

My safetry ruler arrived yesterday. Me likey. Once I explained exactly what it was Robin looked intrigued, so I said I'd share.

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