Sunday, April 17, 2011

So, last time around I said I was going yo do taxes next day and Robin was going to deliver the book cover. And....

...both things happened as planned!

Then the customer asked if I could modify the cover to fasten shut. And add her name. Repeat previous post comment about book covers going slowly.

So, yesterday I spent significant amounts of time doing the closure modification badly, while Ron tooled the name piece (with breaks for grocery shopping and a MuseCon meeting). By bedtime I was frustrated, I'd accomplished nothing useful, and Ron had the name partially done.

This morning Ron finished the name piece, and I started over on the flaps to hold the cover shut. They went much better, and I started sewing.

Then I finished a pouch, started pot roast,and did dishes while waiting for the name to dry.

Eventually it was declared dry enough, and I got it ready to sew on.

It wasn't too late in the afternoon, so I made a (box mix) cake to celebrate the impending book cover conclusion. Then I went back to sewing.

I finished by dinnertime! Yay! I'd been worried I'd be up stupid late tonight finishing it. After dinner Ron got pictures. Hopefully to be posted tomorrow.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yes, well, about those statements in the last post...

I did finish the book cover.  Yesterday. As Bob as my witless, I don't know what it is about book covers, I cannot do one quickly.  Anyhoo, the customer works at Robin's school, so he can deliver it.  To the discipline office.  Snicker.

No progress on Etsy/ArtFire, either.  Yes, I are a slacker.  Taxes will get done tomorrow, insert expletive here!

But at the moment, it's time to go retrieve Robin from the local Games Workshop store.