Monday, April 9, 2012

Picture Time

Nope, I didn't fib, I did get pictures yesterday. But as you probably noticed, I didn't get as far as posting them. So the first post today will be a picture post. Click to embiggen.

First up, Ron and Robin installing the e-track inside the newly-painted trailer. The only light for this shot was what was coming in around me and through the roof vent. No flash. I probably couldn't have taken this picture before the inside was painted, it made a big difference in interior brightness.

Here's a shot from farther back, showing the nice drop-gate with flip-out extension (and a piece of plywood over the hinges at the top of the ramp). It's well-balanced/counter-weighted, so I can open and close it without a struggle.  The floor and ramp are a plasticised composite that the salesman says can even be wet-mopped, not cheap and awful chipboard. We paid for extra height, Ron can stand upright but has to keep his head down to avoid the ceiling ribs, roof vent, and light.

And here's a so-so side view. To get farther away I'd have had to get to the other side of the fence. The neighbors wouldn't mind me taking pictures from their yard (as long as I didn't stand in the bushes, and the dog would probably demand attention), but I didn't get that far.
Next up, a couple shots showing you why I've been impatient to evict stuff to the trailer. This is looking through the doorway from the kitchen Instead of being to walk in past the leather cart, there's the gridwall (which you can't see unless you know what to look for), and the tables. The yellow thing propped up on the leather cart is my safety ruler. (Yes, that is a ginormous bag of Heath Bar chips. GFS is evil. They're going in brownies later this week, which Robin is taking to school.)

And finally, from a vantage point just inside the doorway in the last shot, showing the Workmate and Workmate-clone in front of the window. The mess to the left of the big chair is comprised mostly of a pile of molds and things that haven't been put away because the tables and gridwall are in the way, topped by the cardboard box which is full of scraps and other garbage.

I'm not entirely sure why there's a box of dog cookies on the big sewing machine...

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