Thursday, April 26, 2012

Midweek Musings

The middle of the week is often a time of not accomplishing much, although this week I'm doing better than usual.

After taking measurements from Ron's old pouch, I started drawing up my old version. My first shot at the front piece came out looking entirely too much like a belt satchel. Try two came out better, and while roughly the same basic size as Ron's pouch, it is different in shape. I dug out some of the nice pebbled black I'd gotten as large-scrap, and cut one out. The gusset may need to be a bit wider, but I think I'm pretty close. Maybe tonight we can put it together.

Checking the Sizzix web site, Ron and I both think we do have the "Tattered Leaves" die set, but I forgot to check when I was in the dining room getting leather. D'oh! All three leaves fit into a 5-1/2 x 6" area, so they should even be about the size I was thinking I wanted, and having more than one leaf shape is a plus for the current secret project.

Did some poking around yesterday, and found a source for reasonably-priced Bison leather (my Usual Sources don't carry it). Samples should be sent out today. Not that I need more leather in the house, but it is different than most of what I have.

Got more leather yesterday, that I'd ordered Monday from one of my Usual Sources. Despite my protestations about not needing more leather in the previous paragraph, I did need more for molded pouch fronts, as I need to make a bunch more of that style pouch. My source also had harness leather bellies super-cheap, so I got one of each color (two types in black, 5 shades of brown). Bellies aren't big, and these are fairly thick, so I'm largely limited to pieces that will fit through my splitter; but the more I think about it, the more things I can think of that I can use them for. I think I'll probably be ordering more, especially black...

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