Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Things!

Cutting, marking, punching, and sewing 22 drawstring bags may have been enough for one evening's work, but it wasn't enough bags.

Yesterday I laid out, cut out, and started marking and punching holes in 28 more drawstring bags.

Yes, that puts us up to 50 of them. Yes, that is a lot. No, that really isn't an excessive number. That's an assortment of colors in three different sizes, and some of the large and medium ones are going to have decorative studs added.

Yesterday I also got the costs of most of the finished pouches figured out, got them tagged, and into my inventory spreadsheet. I'm still grappling with some issues with pockets, but that was a brain-power issue.

Today I got a lot of the finished pouches into the big yellow road case, after pulling out a couple things I wouldn't be putting out at CodCon anyway to make room. I was going to pull out the old beer gut bag for a makeover, but I didn't get that far (under other things, feeling lazy). I should also have put tablecloths in, but didn't think of it.

Meanwhile, Ron pulled the trailer into the driveway. Ron and I poked at things and figured out loading and the best way to put a shelf across the front end, and then Ron and Robin loaded the road cases - the ramp on the trailer is really really nice for that.

Just got back from buying angle-iron and plywood for the shelf, and a new handtruck. The old one has a bent axle, Ron suspects that happened on the way to the last event, when the road cases shifted as we went up and down some significant hills. (Yes, we're setting up the trailer to try to prevent that from happening again).

At the moment Ron and Robin are out getting ready to actually make the shelf, and its time for me to go work on putting holes in the last of the drawstring bags, and put the shoulder straps on the purses (which I didn't get to yesterday).

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