Monday, April 16, 2012

Trailer and Bag Progress

Pictures, we have them today (click to embiggen).

First up, a shot of the completed and mostly-packed trailer interior, showing the big stuff and the shelf:

The upper piece of lumber going across is a shelf support, the lower one is a load bar to help restrain the bins. If you embiggen the picture you can more clearly see the yellow bin is behind the big green bin. Ron had a bright idea, and stood the 6' tables up on end. Unfortunately, the 6' gridwall panels are just a smidge too tall, because of the leather that we put on the bottoms to protect floors. A couple pieces don't fit in on the side, but have to lay down on the floor. Shouldn't be a problem.

The new handtruck (not a really good Magliner, but I think an upgrade from the old one) is loose at the moment, but I've ordered more E-Track tie-downs, and a rachet strap that hooks into the E-Track for each big bin. They should arrive tomorrow or Wednesday.

The small tables are tied to the E-Track. The big tables don't need to be, they're restrained by the shelf, as shown in this closeup:

How do we get the tables out? Simple: the shelf bottom is supported by, but not actually attached to, angle-iron which is screwed to the inside of the 2x4s. Similarly, the 2x4s are not bolted into the brackets. Lift out the plywood, lift the 2x4s out of their brackets, and there you go. (the piece of lumber standing up bridges the gap over the back gate hinges).

Here's another view of the shelf:

The plan is for the shelf to hold the few remaining Rubbermaid bins and other small stuff - one bin holds receipt books, etc., this weekend we'll have a bin of drawstring bags and other new stuff that didn't make it into the big yellow bin, tool bag, etc. Not sure exactly chairs will go, now that I think about it, possibly standing up next to the handtruck - There's one of the pairs of tie-downs I thought were extra when I was ordering...

On to the end of the drawstring bag orgy

After I got the shoulder straps on the purses (finally!), I sewed some of the second batch of bags. We'd considered using the lightweight sewing machine, but I decided to put lighter thread in the big machine and use that. Worked fine.

Ron laid out a star pattern, and we put studs on some of the medium and large pouches:

  No, the two pictures are not to scale - the star pattern is the same size on each size bag. You can't really see the difference, but the off-white bags have gold-colored studs, the other have silver-colored.

Ron did some sewing, then I took over, and by dinnertime we were done with that part of the job. But we were on a roll, and started cutting and melting cords for the drawstrings. That went fairly quick, so we started threading, with some help by Modelmaker who'd stopped by, and by bedtime all 50 drawstring bags were completely done.  

All that's left to do with the drawstring bags is to tag them and get them in inventory. Small bags $5, medium $7.50, large $10, add $5 for studs (which are on both sides).

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