Sunday, April 8, 2012

Getting Things Done!

Beer Gut

All the ducks finally got themselves in the correct rows, and the beer gut was dispatched New Zealand-ward Thursday morning. Yay!

Although I was a doofus, and didn't get Ron to get good pictures. All I have is one of Robin acting as reluctant model - I'll append it to the end of this post.


Yes, I will get pictures today.

Ron and Robin had Friday off, the finks (and I used enough time off in March I didn't take Friday off, but it was really really hard not to stay home). Friday morning Robin got the first coat of white paint on the inside of the trailer. Yesterday morning he and Robin did a second coat, and in the afternoon Ron hit any spots that looked thin one more time.

Even though I knew most places would be closed today, and had said any groceries we needed for today would need to be bought yesterday, I somehow did not extend that to screws to install the rail in the trailer. Fortunately Menard's is open. Screws procured, rail installation underway. (The rail came with self-tapping screws to go into the metal ribs, but not wood screws for all the non-rib holes).

I was summoned a little while ago for consultation regarding an issue with hole-spacing in the rail compared to where the screws holding the plywood walls are. Said issue is not simplified by the fact that the roof supports are at 24" centers, but we upgraded to wall ribs on 16" centers, so we can't use one to deduce the location of the other. I eventually remembered that we own a stud finder. Robin then remembered that we actually own two. Unfortunately, neither one is helping, probably being confused by the exterior metal skin. I just sent Robin out with a strong magnet, hopefully that helps locate the ribs.

Yay! I should get a bunch of junk out of the dining room today! YAY!

Other Stuff

Got eight more pouches ready for final assembly yesterday. Three of them had significant work already done, so it's not as much as an achievement as it might sound.

I'm almost out of cut-out pouch parts. This is kind of a good thing, I had a pretty big pile. At this point I'm actively trying to get rid of that pile. Which is why I had to cut out two more little squarish soft pouch fronts, really. You see, I had these two backs with no fronts, so . . .

Back to the leather mines. Pouches to work on. Tables and gridwall to unburden of the detritus that has accumulated on them in the last month (even though they're on edge). Gussets to cut with my brand-shiny-new safety ruler, once I have space to set a table up. Fun fun fun!

(No, really, it is fun.)

Beer Gut destined for New Zealand. Click to embiggen.

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