Saturday, April 21, 2012

CodCon, With Saturday Morning Flailing

I got to CoD about 5 minutes before Ron and the strong young men yesterday - I was standing outside, and had just pulled out my phone to call Robin and find out how far away they were (ie: should I wait outside, or inside where it was warmer) when I looked up and saw them. That answered that question.

We all got here 4:45-5-ish, I think, and were set up by 5:00.

And we got sales last night! Yay! I was afraid it was going to be a flop, but apparently not. I have to remember that sales will probably slow most of today, if things go as usual for a convention, then possibly pick up tonight from people who won't be back tomorrow. There's a Masquerade, so that may generate some business tonight if people decide they need a pouch or something for their outfit.

Flailed around this morning. Things seemed to go smoothly: got lunch made, stuff out to the car, remembered to send somebody back for the collars and leashes (which I expect to not be bought for people use...), and Ron remembered a need for some leather scrap. Then to Ace for an extension cord, as the outlet behind us is apparently turned off, but there's a live one down the hall (Bast's Garden let us use one of the outlets on their cord last night, so I didn't have to worry about UPS life).

Then we went to McDonald's for breakfast, and I realized I'd forgotten the cash box. D'OH! Circled back home for that first, then breakfast, and then I remembered I needed gas. AAARGH! Will we ever get more than a couple miles from home!?!?

Yes, we did. After that we came straight to CoD. Marmaduke helped me bring stuff in and uncover, and now I'm all ready to go. Ron and Robin will be here later this evening.

And now I should move the iPod and keyboard back to the belt bin, put the pouches back in place, and work on red and black little pouches - I thought I had 2-3, turns out I only had one, which someone bought last night.

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