Friday, April 27, 2012

New Pouch Prototype

Last night I put together the prototype of the new pouch:

(I didn't get fancy and cut it out of the background, the pouch was just sitting on a white sheet)

There's three bugs with the prototype: First, we decided the gusset needs to be wider (which also means lengthening the flap appropriately). That's the only significant change. On the less significant side, I located the belt loops based on how high up the front would come on the back, forgetting about the hem on the front, so the belt loops are a little high. That one is easy to fix. I also placed the tab so that it pulls the flap down a little tighter than it probably should. Also easy to fix.

Here's a shot trying to show you the inside pocket. Taking a picture using a smartphone camera of a black pocket inside a black pouch is not exactly condusive to great results, I'm afraid.

Ron drew out two more possible die designs last night - a leaf and a fleur-de-lis. I tried submitting them to the die shop via their web form this morning, but they vanished into the ethernet again. However, this time I called to check on receipt a while after sending. The person who does the die quotes had me e-mail the files for try #3. Hopefully this time they make it through.

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