Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Done Flailing, Now Careening

Ron came home around midday yesterday, but both of us are feeling better today. My tummy isn't 100%, but definitely improved.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon/evening flailing around bookwork. It had piled up badly, but I finally got through it. I still need to scan some receipts and file things, but the data is entered. I haven't tackled getting all the new pouches into inventory yet, but soon, very soon.

Speaking of that, Monday night I straightened up the top of the big green bin, so we're no longer in danger of impending collapse. Just shy of 2 dozen finished pouches.

Monday evening Robin also took the tables and gridwall out to the trailer, yay! He didn't take the winch and accessories, but that was corrected last night.

After Robin did that, Ron and I went spelunking for garment/upholstery leather to make drawstring (dice) bags from. I pulled out two bins, hopefully once we make bags I can compress any leftovers into one bin, and put other things away in the resulting space. I think I've figured out how we're going to make the bags (because I can't do the easiest thing), and I'm ready to start cutting tonight.

Before that, however, I need to go to the trailer dealer on the way home. The dealer didn't have the 2x4 and tie-down brackets we wanted for the e-track when we picked up the trailer (expected the next day), so they shipped them to us, and the package arrived yesterday. The 2x4 brackets are fine, but instead of a half-dozen rings on short pieces of nylon strap, we got two dozen rings for a different (incompatible) track system.

Before I could call the dealer this morning, they called me - somebody had scrambled our order and another one. The parts person started to offer something about shipping, but I said I'd stop by and make the switch. It isn't exactly on the way home, but it's the easiest fix.

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