Monday, April 9, 2012

Nattering Post

And here's a post for more natter about the weekend.

Something on the Schedule!

After extensive waffling, I decided to go ahead and give CodCon a try. CodCon is a gaming convention sponsored by the College of DuPage (CoD) SF/Fantasy club. Friday and Saturday night I'll be there until 10 pm, which is past my bedtime. I have some reservations about that, but I should survive.

Now that I've decided to do CodCon, I really should make up some drawstring dice bags. I should be able to do that next weekend. And I should probably prioritize the pouches I've got to lace up.

Trailer and Dining Room

The dining room is still a mess. The trailer is painted and the e-track installed, and I excavated the tables and gridwall, but they didn't get moved into the trailer. That should be rectified tonight or tomorrow.

Must Keep Making Things

I got 5 more pouches ready to lace yesterday.

The tool bag of pouch parts and the tool bag of lesser-used tools, zippy bags of parts, and other odds and ends have been consolidated, and one of them is now holding the mass of pouches that need lacing (and in some cases chainmail peg/antler ties). The pile of finished pouches on top of the big green belt case is getting dangerously unstable. We've had one pouch-alanche already. I need to go through and at least re-stack everything neatly.

I was planning to cut some gussets for pockets out of soft leather yesterday, but that was a plan predicated on getting things out of the dining room.

And as I said above, now I need to make some simple (cheap!) dice bags. And the leather for those? Yeah, blocked off by certain things that need to move to the trailer.

I'm sensing a theme here...


All those pouches I've been working on also need to get put into inventory (which includes figuring out how much each costs in materials), tagged, and eventually packed into the big yellow bin (although I may be starting to push its capacity). Fortunately, I made a "cut out pouches" spreadsheet/list on my iPad, which will help getting them into inventory. Software compatibility FTW!

All of Otter's tax paperwork for 2011 should now be completed, with the mailing of the business returns last week. Next year I get the dubious fun of figuring out depreciation, for the trailer. Yuk. Oh well, I've got at least 9 months of not-worrying-about-it-yet. :)

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