Friday, October 9, 2015

Conception Convention Report

The Conception gaming convention at the College of DuPage was slooooow. IIRC we had 5 sales all weekend. On the plus side, one of those was significant, and the customer ordered another custom item. On the down side, duuullll. But we covered costs with the gross (haven't run the numbers to see if we were actually profitable). 

Need to do 3rd quarter sales taxes this weekend.

Just packed up a belt and pair of skirt hikes to go out to Texas. A day or two ago it was a belt pouch to one place, and a pair of skirt hikes to another. When packing up on Sunday I decided to consolidate skirt hikes to one batch, to keep in the house. They can move to and from events with the tails, which also live in the house.

Next event is Windycon, mid-November. Really need to make some stuff. Tomorrow we're off to a reptile show, and then we have to settle in the new snake we're picking up there (see the personal blog, which I'll go write the relevant entry for next), then clean the big snake cages and feed the colubrids. But I do have Monday off.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Conception Convention and Other Natter

This weekend is the Conception gaming convention, at the College of DuPage. I'm not sure how many vendors are going to be there - one e-mail I saw mentioned us and one game vendor. 

I've gotten pretty much nothing made since ACen, except doll clothes, which I wasn't planning on taking. I do have a batch of tails that need swivels, that I got after Count-I-Con. So I probably should work on that tonight...didn't happen.  But we did get the trailer hooked up and pulled out.

Tonight we also need to vacuum-pack rats (didn't happen). Because snakes. Did I mention that we're now up to ten plus the long-term border?  See my Google+ feed and/or personal blog. We had an . . . accident on Saturday, adding two more pythons - another ball python and a centralian carpet python. And Robin is rearranging and cleaning his room with a view to getting a blue-tongued skink. Because it turns out he likes things with legs better than snakes. 

Conception could be interesting, as it will be just Ron and I (unless Robin tags along for gaming on Saturday). Xap is going to Archon, a filk convention, IIRC. I'm thinking that we may limit how much gridwall we bring in, and maybe not put out some of the accessory things. OTOH, if we do our normal booth with gridwall setup, that will tell us how much extra 6' gridwall we have, which can then be put into the storage locker, instead of going to every event, especially since it gets stacked on top of the 7' gridwall in the trailer.  Exactly what we do for setup may end up depending on how we feel tomorrow. 

Our next event after Conception is Windycon. Which could be interesting in different ways than Conception, because they do tables, not booths, and we've been setting up based on 10' x 20' booth spaces recently. We'll figure it out.

And I really, really need to get working on leather things again.  

If nothing else, we're into another run on skirt hikes, and I'm out of small skirt hikes in the house/for Etsy. I was just going to go ahead and list some more knowing that I can make a couple in a few minutes, but first I need to check the supply of rings, so I don't list more than I can actually make.