Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to Tie a "Reenactment" Belt

Almost every event we show somebody how to tie a "Reenactment" belt - the kind that tie, worn both by ladies and gentlemen:

Now that I'm selling on-line, here's a quick picture tutorial.

Step One:


Just like putting on a buckled belt, the belt goes around your body, and the tail goes through the ring or dee from behind.

Step Two:

Bring the tail up behind the belt, notice I've had my model leave a loop. At this point the tail is flipped over his shoulder, and the back side of the tail section is facing out.

Step three: 

The tail goes back down through the loop, forming an overhand knot around the belt where it attaches to the hardware - the model's hand would be pulling the resulting knot snug, if I hadn't had him pause for the picture.

Step four: 

Snug the knot up around the ring or dee.  

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