Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Working on the List

Last night I got inventory resolved; and I added the new pouches, even the ones not quite completed, and tagged them. Adding the new pouches necessitated crunching the numbers on each one based on what leather, etc. each one is made out of. Spreadsheets to the rescue!  

Unfortunately, I had to add another item to the to-do list: updating the price lists, as the process of Ron and Xap doing inventory revealed that there's some gaps in the lists. 

The shelves I'd ordered for the gridwall arrived yesterday, somewhat to my surprise. Not that I expected it to take long for them to get from DesPlaines to Palatine, but I never got e-mail notice that they'd shipped. So now the wider shelves can be taken out of the road case and the new ones put in, as well as the completed new pouches. 

Maybe since we'll be poking around in the road case anyway I'll go ahead and pack easels, etc. We'll see.

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