Friday, January 20, 2012

Inventory Progress

Ron and Xap attacked inventory yesterday. They got through everything except one of the hardware bins, and also packed the big road case. When I got home we did the hardware bin (part of the problem was correlating my descriptions to contents). They didn't just check off pouch numbers, they even checked descriptions. 

The inventory of pouches is a mess. Not the printouts with notes - that I can figure out. The problem is that there's a bunch of stuff showing up on inventory that wasn't in the bins. I'm used to a certain amount of drift with belts and hardware, because those don't get individually tagged, but since I started tagging pouches that's kept record-keeping has been pretty straightforward.

One of the things that was showing up in inventory but wasn't in the bins was a black lace mania pouch - which was an on-line sale shortly before Christmas. When I record sales items should be removed from the inventory spreadsheets and added to my sales record spreadsheets. What I'm thinking (hoping) happened is that either I did a copy instead of a cut out of the inventory sheet, or that somehow the inventory file got rolled back. In the simplest situation the "missing" pouches show up in both places, and the solution is cheerfully deleting them from inventory, as should have already been done.

The road case still isn't full, even though all the merchandise except belts, hardware, and fiber are packed in it. Robin says there's still a bin full of easels and other display paraphernalia, but now that we have the gridwall I don't think we'll need as many easels. Maybe I'll go through that stuff tonight and decide what to bring to Maidens and what to leave home.

This morning I ordered more of the shelves we like for the gridwall. Ron was hoping to get out early today, but given the weather forecast, getting to the place in DesPlaines was likely to be iffy, so we opted for delivery.

I also looked at load bars on-line, to keep the road case from crashing around at stops/starts/turns, since the wheels we got don't lock. Real honest-to-Ghu load bars (for use in semi trucks and shipping containers) from ULine are too long, so I found some pickup-truck sized ones a couple places, and e-mailed links to Ron to evaluate.

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