Thursday, January 26, 2012

Load Bars and Related Natter

While Robin was at karate last night we looked for load bars (aka cargo bars) at Menard's and Home Depot. Ron had already stopped earlier in the week to see what Berland's House of Tools had.

Nothing at Menard's, found some at Home Depot, but Ron likes the ones at Berland's better, so tomorrow we'll go get them.

The Master Hitch website indicates that they carry them, but the website is pretty much useless - no specifications and no price; and they were closed by the time we were out running around.

ULine has for-real load bars (as used in semis, etc., as opposed to the ones sold for use in pickup beds), but besides being significantly more expensive (although probably worth the price), they're also too long.

If we knew there were sufficiently strong tie-down points in the rental trailer, we could just use good ratchet straps to keep the road case from rolling around. But we don't know until we pick it up.

Really, what we need to do is buy a smaller trailer more suited to the amount of stuff we actually haul, and build a shed for storing things that are currently living in the big trailer. But the stair pit wall and back porch are more pressing, and then there's college tuition for Robin.

Anyhow, must make belts tonight. 

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