Thursday, January 19, 2012


Oh joy, Google has updated the back-end interface on Blogger. Yesterday was the first time I'd seen a chance to try the new interface, today . . . here we are. And where, pray tell, are my post tags?


Tuesday night we started inventory, as by the time I got home (after taking some of the bins back to The Container Store, then stopping at the grocery store), Robin had brought the merchandise bins into the house from the trailer. We only did belts, though, and re-packed into the same bins. Ron had slipped on the icy front steps, so he was a spectator. Robin and I were somewhat impeded by the enthusiastic assistance of the mostly-grown puppy we're dog-sitting for a few days.

Most of my counts were pretty good. Turned out we aren't out of a couple things, they'd been buried under other colors/styles. When I re-packed I tried to pack in stacks, not layers, to prevent that happening again. If I'd been really good I'd have re-sorted and re-packed all three bins of belt backstock to consolidate things, but I wasn't that ambitious. Inventorying belts was somewhat 

Finished Ron's pocket multi-tool pouch on Tuesday, and this morning the belt loop tore. Growf. Not sure if it's because I made the loop out of a piece that was too soft, or if I made it too tight. Not sure if I'm going to just replace the belt loop, or just start over. At this point I've metaphorically thrown it into the naughty corner.

My only accomplishment yesterday was looking over the belt inventory and determining what  belts I'd make in an ideal situation (ie: plenty of leather in each color), and what we really do need. It looks like I can pretty much achieve the realistic list without ordering leather and getting it before Maidens (ordering could be done as late as Monday, if I'm daring).

Ron had a medical test/procedure this morning, and will be home by midday today, AFAIK Xap is probably going to hang out with him much of the afternoon. Ron had me print out the pouch inventory, and asked if I had any instructions on packing the road case, in the event they decide to carry on with inventory and re-packing. I'd also asked about them going to the place in DesPlaines where we got the gridwall and accessories for more of the narrow gridwall shelves.

We shall see how the afternoon develops, if they don't get to either I'll probably throw myself at inventory tonight and order the shelves tomorrow for delivery, unless the place is open Saturday morning. If they do proceed on inventory and re-packing my goal will be any finishing up necessary, including adding the pouches I've finished recently.

So, trying not to be made of flail, but not getting much new made.

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