Friday, January 13, 2012

Not Much To See Here

Got all the remaining 2011 transactions into the books Tuesday, I thought. Then I found a couple more things on Wednesday, which was still head-spinny and tummy upset. I have Monday off, I may attempt to get books closed, and file my sales taxes.
Tuesday afternoon/evening I stitched up an iPouch and another stitched pouch. 

Spent much of Wednesday looking on-line for good, large images of popcorn, corn, nachos, cheese, or even just cows, in order to create some new MuseCon party flyers. 

I found some images, but not so much of the vintage-label type that I'd been using.

One was a photo of a popcorn box, still flat. After considering what would be required in cropping and cleanup (perforation and fold marks, the white paper had yellowed), I decided to just replicate it in Illustrator.  I think it came out pretty good. 

Of course, I put copies of that, and the other new flyers, on Ron's stick, but forgot to give myself copies, so I can't post them today. D'oh!

Next up was a package for a mousetrap shaped like a wedge of cheese - cheese with holes, whith a mouse-face looking out of a hole over the label.  I got started creating my own version, got kinda stuck, then Ron got home and rescued me by taking over. It's now a "MuseCon Nacho Cheese, Mouse-Approved" flyer.

The next one I attacked was a photo of several cobs of popcorn. In photoshop I played with filters and made it look more like an abstract painting. In InDesign I reduced the opacity, and over it made a flyer that says, approximately, "MuseCon - celebrating creative snacks! Now featuring popcorn!" with other blurbs saying "cheese-o-riffic nachos" and something about Mr. Slushy (and the day/time/room, of course).

The latest one was a picture of a rat and some cheese. I started messing with filters, then Ron took over as he knew how to stack Photoshop filters to make them additive on the fly, as well as stretching the background section. Once we had the picture looking like poster art, and Ron drew me a thought bubble in Illustrator, I added words. The rat is thinking that he just needs chips and then he could have nachos, and the flyer says something like "Don't worry, Ratty, we'll have plenty at the MuseCon party!". 

Ron and I both liked the rat photo as it was, but I decided to make it a little less realistic so as to hopefully not give the heebie-jeebies to people who don't like rodents.  :)

I'd like to make a couple-few more new party flyers, we've been using the initial crop for two years now, and I don't want to always use the same ones. I probably won't completely retire the initial batch, but it doesn't hurt to have more.

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