Monday, January 23, 2012

Bunch Accomplished, More to Go

I got a bunch done this weekend (although it doesn't necessarily sound like it if you read my personal blog).

Saturday I cut out backs for seven hard pouches, cut two purses, got four of the hard pouches mostly ready to assemble, did work on two more, treated the purse parts and several pouch backs with "Aussie Leather Conditioner", and dyed edges on other things brown. And did some necessary around-the-house things like grocery shopping.

Yesterday we worked on things that needed Ron's assistance. We finished getting six of the seven hard pouches ready to assemble, mainly I needed Ron for two that are going to have antler tips holding them shut - Ron's good at setting the loops the tips go into. The seventh pouch, the iPouch with the interesting grainy pattern, is on hold unless/until I get time. I'm also ignoring the purses for the time being.

Yesterday we also made the curtains for the quarter-round hanging bars that go with the gridwall,
to help hide all the belts hanging down on behind, which creates visual confusion. I did the sewing, Ron set snaps. Robin had asked if I'd finally fix a pair of shorts I'd had for a while, and do something with the collar on one of his vests, which I said I would. Then once I had the sewing machine out, three more pairs of shorts appeared.

On the other hand, Robin had been very helpful on Saturday, and prior to the extra shorts in need of repair appearing yesterday he'd helped Ron with the somewhat smelly job of trimming and drilling holes in antler tips, so I guess I can't complain.
Still on the to-do list prior to Festival of Maidens:
  • Resolve inventory issues
  • Price, tag, add to inventory, and pack the new merchandise
  • Finish packing easels, etc.
  • Make belts
  • Finish the pile of pouches 
  • Get load bars 
  • One of us has to get the truck to the scheduled Friday AM oil change
  • Pick up the trailer (Friday afternoon)
  • Possibly work on purses
  • Probably should get some small squareish soft pouches ready to lace
  • Possibly work on the interesting grainy iPouchThis morning, before going to get and during an oil change on the Kia, I got the belt loops on two pouches laced about halfway around the flap on one of them. That's not an insignificant amount of work.

    I'm not sure what on the to-do list I'm tackling tonight. I'm thinking inventory, since I really should get that resolved before adding new pouches and belts.

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