Sunday, January 29, 2012

It Followed Us Home, Part II

We got home about 12:30, warned Robin we were on the way, so he got the trailer unloaded, and we got it back to U-Haul before 1:30 this afternoon, so we didn't get charged for a third day (should have picked it up a bit later - say 3-ish). 

Then we went to Menard's for a pair of locks for the big yellow case, and a good hefty cable and padlock to lock it to the side porch. 

We gotta stop going to Menard's.

You see, we'd been talking on and off over the weekend about a road case for belts, to make it easier to keep them sorted and accessible than the several bins we've been using.

As we went past the aisle where the big yellow bin came from, I turned down to look at something else.

Then Ron joined me. We looked. And discussed. Fetched a tape measure. Discussed options some more.Waffle waffle waffle. Discuss discuss discuss.

Then I went out to the truck to move our luggage to the floor of the back seat and to the front seat, fold down the back seats, and move the truck to the loading zone.

On the way I called Robin, and told him we'd done it again, and would need his help. He asked if it was bigger than the yellow case. I (sheepishly) admitted it probably was. "Ye gods" was his response.

Ron and Robin managed to unload it, get it in the house, and get it assembled, and here it is, the new road case for belts and hardware! (with Robin making a goofy face)

Click to embiggen.

Yes, I know, it looks like a rolling tool chest. But really, it's a road case!

It locks, so the drawers won't come open in transit. The biggest drawers have double slides, and are *quiet*. It came with pre-cut thin foam liners for the bottoms of the drawers.

I'd been looking at Menard's middle of the road tool chests, as the bottom end ones were too flimsy and the drawers rattled. Ron didn't object, but we ended up moving up both in quality and in size from the chest I was looking at originally. We may be eating a lot of cheap food for the next two weeks, but we think it'll be worth it.

This afternoon we sorted belts and packed the road case. And then we packed the contents of the hardware bins that go to events into it, too. Right now the hardware is in zippy bags, but I'm going to measure the drawers and get dividers.

After this (admittedly poor) picture was taken Ron and Robin got the sticker on the lower right drawer off, and we added labels to the drawers.

We'd already been trailer-committed by getting the yellow case, so getting this one just means we definitely need to work out ramp(s) to get it into and out of trailers, as well as the house. 

And now, I think it's time to retire to the tub.

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  1. Have to admit, my first reaction was "Robin's right! Ye gods!" *grin*
    It does look like it'll handle the storage & _organization_ pieces REALLY well....though at about twice the height I was envisioning when you were mentioning ideas over the weekend.
    Will be interesting the first time we try to work it into layout :) But WOW will it be easier to find things, even during busy periods