Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No More Predictions

I'm going to quit trying to predict what I'm going to attack next on the to-do list. 

By the time I got home last night Ron and Robin had packed the new shelves into the road case. 

Meanwhile, I was feeling tired and crabby, so while they worked on dinner I stomped off to the computer and started working on updating the price list instead. After updating the version that's set up for the phones, I decided to make a new version to print out, which was achieved by cutting, pasting, and otherwise re-formatting text. If I tried to describe exactly what I did it would probably sound terribly complex, but it was much simpler than re-typing. Both versions are actually in one InDesign document, since I export as PDF for the phones anyway, so I just choose which set of pages to export.

About the time I was finishing that (after dinner, so my blood sugar wasn't so low and therefore I was much less grumpy), Ron asked if there was a way that I could have auto-magically generated the second copy of the descriptions/prices, so that I wouldn't have to update things in two places in the future. I admitted that there was, but I'd been too lazy to figure out how to do it.

Damn it, now I'm wondering just how hard that would be.

No, no, no. Not before Maidens. I have belts to make and odds and ends to pack and pouches to finish.

I'm writing off doing anything with the purses and the grainy-looking iPouch this week. And I probably should abandon the idea of working on more little soft pouches, too; but that one's being harder to let go of.

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