Sunday, February 13, 2011

Still Not at Capricon

Still not at Capricon, but feeling better.  I think I may be pretty much done with the fever nonsense.  On the other hand, I'm tired and crabby.  I tried to go to bed about 8:30, but I didn't get to sleep until some time after 10:30, and then didn't sleep well.  Hmm.  Part of my problem was comfort temperature-wise, maybe it was a fever thing.  Anyway, I think the tired and grumpy is related to the not-sleeping part.  

Got the 2011 books started.  I think I've figured out record-keeping for mail-order (ie: internet) sales that will actually be useful. We've had 4 already this year, which is at double what I've done in previous whole years.  And as I said previously, I'd like to increase the volume of internet sales.

I did realize this morning that there is some more internet-sale record-keeping that I need to deal with: membership and/or listing fees for ArtFire and Etsy.  Artfire charges a flat monthly fee, Etsy charges listing and sales fees.  I'll can roll the Etsy fees for items that sell into the sales record-keeping, but I need to account for costs associated with items that don't sell, and the ArtFire fees.  Must think about how best to do this.  

Trying something new this year to keep paperwork from floating around the house.  I've got one binder for all my paperwork from purchases, and another one for on-line sales paperwork (in-person sales don't generate as much paper, and I've been dealing reasonably successfully with them for years).  Hopefully the binders I got are too small, at least for the sales paperwork.  

Yesterday in the afternoon/evening I put away some patterns, and then printed out and put away some of my own designs and binderized them, too, to hopefully limit the re-re-re-printing from the CAD files because I mislay them.  A few months ago I got one binder to store my bought patterns, now there's a matching one for paper patterns of our own design.  Lexan/plexiglass patterns have a drawer of their own.  Which reminds me, I need to get some more plexi and get Ron and/or Robin to make me some more templates for things I'm still using paper patterns for, but I make with some regularity. 

And now, Ron says I need to go see if more food helps my temper.  And then I think I'll finish sewing the body of the small black purse prototype.  Then I have to decide if I want to rivet the shoulder strap on, or sew it.  I'll probably rivet it.  

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