Saturday, February 5, 2011

More Current than Catch-Up

I have, IIRC, 5 purses cut out now: 2 of the new smaller purse, in brown and black; a black large rectangular purse; and 2 lace mania purses, again one brown and one black.  I also cut out replacements for the little pouch I sold this week, and finally got to FedEx yesterday - a brown one and a black one of that (although I'm mentally classifying that one as Steampunk/Sam Browne Project, which is Not-Black, but brain said "make black" and I did). 

The little pouches are in final assembly, still working on getting all the parts made, etc. for the purses.  I was waffling about the purses on stitching vs lacing; I decided to stitch the bodies and lace around just the flap.  I do have one concern about my design, but if it turns out to be valid I think I also have a fix.

My Etsy listings have all fallen off due to length of time, so I have to either re-list and/or list some new things.

This morning I sorted through various mixed bills, statements, and paperwork, making one pile of Otter's stuff.  Later today or tomorrow I'll go through that and sort it.  This is the first part of closing the books for 2011 and doing taxes.

OTOH, I did my sales tax filings back in December. Yes, there was a small risk of internet sale(s) after I filed them, but there is a process for filing an amended return if that had happened. 

The schedule for this weekend is to work on purses, finish up signage for the Capricon Cafe and flyers for the MuseCon party, and to continue on with paperwork/bookkeeping. 

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