Sunday, February 6, 2011

State of the To-Do

Went in to my Etsy store, picked a half-dozen-ish items, and re-listed them, and realized I need another picture or three to list belts.  I have one picture with most of the hardware, but not our "mundane" belt buckle & keeper set or our kilt belts.

In the process of responding to an inquiry from the website, I went to the basement to see what leather I had down by the formerly-cutting table (lately a beekeeping equipment table - must figure out how to rectify that). 

While I was in the basement, I had Robin bring me the leather and dies to cut dee holders for the purses.  And then I put Robin to work cleaning up the basement workshop area (since much of the mess is because of his not putting things away), and started die-cutting scales out of the great big bin of scrap I sent down during the dining room cleanup.  Like most of us, Robin works better with company (and encouragement and suggestions).  He found a significant section of floor!  Woo-hoo!

OTOH, I don't think I'm getting around to further paperwork sorting today.  It's a fair tradeoff for getting some basement cleaning and scale cutting done.  Now I really need to market said scales.  It would also be nice to figure out some other product for small scrap, but haven't come up with one.

I finished the Capricon Cafe and Musecon party signage and flyers yesterday, just need to be uploaded for printing.  I also did a new business card design for Otter Necessities, which has the current e-mail address (otter at our domain).  The old cards had my old e-mail address on it.  I also need to consider pointing the web contact form to the Otter Necessities mail address instead of my personal gmail as it does currently.  I check my personal gmail more often, but pointing it at the other would make some sense, and I can get into the habit of checking it more than once per day.

Oops, rather a digression there.  Anyway, the new business cards have the "new" e-mail address, I cut down the amount of verbiage on the front, moving a line or so to the back and also referring customers to Etsy and ArtFire.  I decided to spring for full color, and Ron said get glossy.  So in a week or so I should have 250 shiny new pretty business cards.

Now, off to do dishes and then work on purses.  So, even though the paperwork sorting doesn't appear to be happening, I'm doing pretty well on the to-do list.

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