Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another Hiatus

I did it again.  Another long period of silence.

Part of the problem is (or was) that Blogger wasn't playing nice with my iPhone.  I should re-check and see if that's been fixed and/or if there's an app for that which works politely.

The other part is that we haven't been doing much with Otter lately.  As in only one event all of last year. 

No, we won't be in the Dealer's Room at Capricon.  Ron is exapno's second for running the Cafe, aka Caffeination Station, so he'll be busy with that, and doing the tables by myself is not fun.  I'll probably be unofficial cafe staff.  

I have been doing design stuff.  I had one discussion about a possible document-layout job, and even put together a quote, but I suspect it exceeded the customer's budget.  I also did Publications and kept Ron (the Chair) sane for MuseCon, which was in August, and Publications for Windycon, which was in November.  I also said I'd do Windycon again this year.  We'll see how doing Pubs for an established convention not starting late goes, I took Windycon over on the late side last year.

I had joked that by rights I should end up doing Capricon's book this year, so that I'd have bailed out Duck (2009), Windy (2010), and Cap in consecutive years.  OTOH, I'm not complaining that it didn't happen.

I was asked to work on the Publications team for Chicon 7 (WorldCon 2012), but explained that my first loyalty is to MuseCon, and they're too close together to work both.  The Publications head at the time did point out that they'll be needing people for plenty of stuff earlier in the schedule, but I didn't give a definite answer,  he had to step down due to work reasons, and I don't know his replacement. 

Most recently, design-wise, I've been doing flyers for the MuseCon party at WindyCon.  They're old advertisements from Dover books, edited and re-built into flyers.  It's been fun.

In the fall term at Harper College I took Graphic Arts 101, Introduction to Graphic Arts, and this term I'm taking GRA 102, Desktop Publishing, aka GRA 101+.  I'm learning a bit about Photoshop, Illustrator, and Quark XPress, but mostly these are prerequisites.

OK, I think this is long enough now.  I'll call it done for design-natter, and put leather-natter in another post.

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