Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Not-At-CapriCon Report

As I whined over on my personal blog, I'm not at Capricon this weekend

I had two little pouches, the two new smaller purse prototypes (two prototypes of one design), and a large purse ready to work on while hanging out at the Cafe and various places, as well as some pouches.  I got the flap laced and most of the sewing done on one of the new purses before I came home yesterday.  After I got home I was too out of it to work any more.

This morning I figured I'd work on pouches and purses, since I wasn't all better.  But then I remembered the pile of Otter paperwork that needed sorting, so I've sorted that, and been poking at the books.  I've got the last bits of 2010 transactions entered, but I left checking my aggregate-all-numbers spreadsheet formulas to make sure they're pointing at the right places until I'm a little more clear-headed.  

Now working on 2011 transactions - I've been procrastinating on putting the internet sales in until I decided what I was doing for record-keeping (mostly format thereof), and making sure I was doing sales tax on internet purchases correctly.  

Making progress there.  

However, I think once I finish the last couple spoonfuls of my yummy yummy Avgolemono soup, I'm going to chase the dogs out for a few minutes then go sit in the tub.  

And I'm afraid that the eye infection from hell I had a couple years ago, which took months and months to clear completely away, may be trying to make a comeback.  This distresses me even more than missing Cap. 

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