Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Posty Nattery Thingy

A week ago (that long?!?) we tried waxing some pouch fronts, and discovered that the heat gun was dead. At first Ron thought it was being crotchety about running on a 20-amp circuit, but it wasn't any happier on a 12-amp.
So Ron finished up the iPouch front he'd started and did the pouch front the order with the hair dryer, which is slower, and noisier. And has a broken on-off switch, making it a pain to use.

Thursday we went to Berland's House of Toy...er...Tools and got a new heat gun.

Friday night and Saturday morning I worked on the ordered pouch, and laced it together before and after Saturday afternoon's MuseCon meeting. We made the belt yesterday morning, and shipped them off (we all had the day off). The pouch is brown with a havana (dark brown) harness leather back/flap and dark brown lace that almost matches the havana, and the belt is also havana. The pouch has an added pocket, which came out pretty well. I've done pockets in purses before by making them just a bit wider than the back of the pouch, but the customer wanted a larger pocket, so I worked out where and how to accordion-pleat the pocket to add space and leave margin for lacing it in. It came out rather nicely, and I should have taken a picture. Oops.

Saturday evening I finished the large black purse I was working on last week, and yesterday we made shoulder straps for it, the two new smaller purses, and the two Lace Mania purses that are in progress, and put the straps on the purses that are done. The other straps two have all the necessary holes, and just have to be riveted on once I lace the purses up (mass-production for the win). I got the lace mania purses glued together last night, I have to do is mark/punch the lacing holes in the gussets and finish installing latches, hopefully tonight, then I can lace them together.

I also finished my first iPouch. It was designed for old Nokia N810 devices, which are a little different in size than iPhones, but I'd taken iPhone size into account in the design. The iPouch is a little deep, so I added a lifter strap to go under the phone to help pull it out. It's a snug fit with the cover I have on my iPhone, but not as bad with a naked phone. I still have to trim the end of the strap, currently it looks like the pouch is sticking out its tongue. I'll try to remember to get a picture tonight.

Didn't get pictures of the new purses or belts this weekend, I may send Ron upstairs to do that while I work on the Lace Mania purses. I'd like to get belts posted to Etsy and ArtFire. Which reminds me, I added sales tax handling to my Etsy and ArtFire shops. Hopefully it doesn't cut into sales, thankyouverymuch Todd Stroger, I just looooove 9.5% sales tax. (Yes, I'm charging my local sales tax on non-local purchases, although I explain on both sites that I will adjust for other Illinois rates if contacted pre-sale. I'd rather not perturb the Illinois Department of Revenue, thanks).

Downloaded a blogging app, Blogpress, to my phone. I'm typing this in mail on a real keyboard, then I'll try posting via cut and paste through Blogpress. Initial poking at the app looks promising.

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