Monday, February 14, 2011

A Quiet-Ish Day

We took today off as a post-Capricon recovery day.
Worked on the new smaller purse in brown yesterday and today, now it just needs the shoulder strap.  Also figured out how much they cost to make, and I think the selling price will be $35-40.  

Got another internet order today.  A belt and a custom-ish hard pouch (particular colors, and adding a pocket).  Fortunately, I have a front for that size pouch molded, which cuts the time needed to make it.  The front does need to be waxed, which we'll probably do tomorrow. 

I'm wondering if my Etsy store is generating non-Etsy traffic.  You have to join Etsy in order to purchase through Etsy, I'm wondering if there's some people who don't like that "feature", and look for the same vendors outside of Etsy.  I suppose I could add an optional box to the web contact form/verbiage on the website "contact us" page asking how people found us.  

I have a bunch of other pouch fronts needing to be waxed, too.  We haven't done that job in a while.  Did some trimming prepartory to waxing. Also went out and dyed some of said waiting-to-be-waxed fronts black this evening. 

Today I also worked on lacing together the large purse I'd gotten ready for working on at Capricon.  I thought for a little while today I'd lost the gusset, which would be a royal pain in the backside, but I found it - if it had teeth, it would have bitten Robin when he didn't find it.

Also drew up a hard pouch back in CAD - IIRC I'd originally done it with pencil and paper, and I'm not sure where the original is.  But I had one cut out of leather, so I was able to reverse-engineer it. 

Sounds like I did a lot, but it didn't seem like it.

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