Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Plus Monday Recap

First off, apologies if I'm not quite coherent. The dentist prescribed me Xanax to make getting the shaping for a crown done less stressful. Good shit. It works. Better living through chemistry!

Friday Night

Got groceries, stopped at CVS, ordered dinner, and packed up mostly-successfuly. "Mostly", because we forgot toilet paper and I had to go back out.

Packing included digging out cloaks, which we haven't used for a while, as well as garb for Xaplet. She had a longish skirt, and I found a one-size-fits-most chemise (which is a bit snug on me), and the last caftan I made for Robin.

I also packaged up some of the book cover and belt pouch kits from MuseCon for sale.


Plowman's Park, in Big Rock, isn't too far away, so we didn't have to get up too early. In fact, we got there at least a half-hour before we meant to. We set up in about the same place as Ragnorak Rampage, and again just left the truck and trailer parked behind our spot.

Setup went pretty well, with four of us - me, Ron, Xap, and Younger Xaplet. Xaplet hasn't helped before, but jobs like unpacking the "one of each" belt drawer are pretty simple.

Once we got set up, we started the job of tagging the "one of each" set of belts with the new plastic tags. It went pretty well, and they don't look too bad. I wrote out the tags, Ron and Xap put them on and told me what I needed tags for (after the easy ones).

Interrupted, happily, by sales. Sales were decent, which restored my confidence. I'd apparently gotten rattled by our terrible horrible sales at Northshield Coronation. I think there were about the same number of people on Saturday as there were at Ragnorak Rampage (the last event at Plowman's Park, back around June), but sales were better.

The weather was pretty chilly. Ron, Xap, and Xaplet broke out cloaks. I was warm enough everywhere but my arms - I was wearing two T-shirts, a skirt, and tights under my Afghani Nomad Dress. The bodice of the dress is two layers of calico plus a layer of duck. The sleeves are only one layer of calico, though (as is the skirt, but I had enough other layers down there), so my arms got cold in the morning. It warmed up in the afternoon, which was nice.

After doing tags, I worked on the repair commission that the handle for was giving me fits making last week - it's for a ceremonial Masonic sword, and needed to be completely re-stitched. It's not a scabbard - this is a case for the sword in its decorated scabbard. I got most of the re-stitching done Saturday. The only bad part was getting covered in dry-rotted, oiled thread spooge. At least we were outside so I could just brush it off myself onto the ground.

I think we packed up about 5-ish, with a stop at Cracker Barrel for dinner, as we so often do after an event. Pumpkin custard with gingersnap crumble topping and cinnamon mousse sounded good for dessert, but we ended up too full. And a badger followed me home.


I finished re-sewing the sword case yesterday, and got fabric to make a new fabric liner bag, but decided to stop there, as I was still pretty tired. I worked on lacing frogs instead, since lacing is doesn't require that I have many functioning brain cells.

Since Ron was also short of functioning brain cells, we got frozen chicken enchilada bake for dinner. It was a smart choice.

Last night I took a first dose of Xanax, and slept like a log.


I decided to stay home today - when I first got up I was still kind of loopy, and I'd have to be home by 3:00 so I could take another Xanax an hour before my appointment.

I put chain mail on a pouch that I didn't get done last week, and finished up a chain mail strip I started Sunday night but decided wasn't going to work for that particular pouch.

Then I made the fabric sleeve for the sword case. I looked at where the old one (which was beyond saving) was worn and reinforced the new one at those points. The new fabric sleeve isn't as long as the old in one section, but the old one is inexplicably long there, so I think mine will be fine.

I did some bookkeeping - I got inventory updated to include the new stuff we finished last week, including the frogs I'm still working on. I'm adding a lot of frogs.

After that I gave the sword case another coat of oil, and cut and dyed the bits to hold the handle on. Attempt #2 on the handle, BTW is a success. I can't really complain about the first one failing, this is the first time we've ever tried to make a handle along these lines.

Left the dentist at 5, picked up Robin, then went to Palatine in for soup/squishy food for me, since half my lower jaw was still pretty numb. Still a bit off from the Xanax, so the only thing I'll do tonight, once I finish this entry, is lace frogs. Mostly I'm sleepy, and can only hold one thought in my head at a time.

I should have gotten "before" pictures of the sword case. I'll try to remember to get pictures tomorrow night after we put the handle on and declare it done.


The new display rack for patterns, etc. arrived today. It's fairly big, but it'll hold more than I could fit in the space of its footprint, so it should be a net gain.

Should have the alpaca yarn and the knitting needles tomorrow. Yes, the knitting needles that I ordered from China on Friday afternoon. Even though it was Saturday at China at that point, they went out same-day.

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