Thursday, September 27, 2012

More Busy Days

Stringy Bits

The knitting needles had been sent via FedEx, signature service required. However, I was able to divert them to be held at a FedEx/Kinko's that's only slightly off my normal route home from work, and I picked them up Tuesday evening. They look fine, but I haven't had a chance to pull any out of their (minimal) packaging to see how they feel.

I need to write or print up some labels listing the needle size, length, and prices. The sizes are marked on the needles, but it would be nice to have them labelled.

The lace-weight yarn was also delivered Tuesday. Given the cost its a surprisingly small package. But sooooo soft, and pretty. I tried taking a picture, but I just realized that it was out of focus.

Sword Case

Finished the sword case Tuesday night, which was down to attaching the new handle. Handed it off to a friend last night, who delivered it to his co-worker today. I got mail a little while ago, he's very happy with it. Yay!

Here's a picture of the case, the old fabric sleeve, and the new sleeve I made:

If you click to embiggen I think you can make out where I reinforced the new sleeve with a second layer of fabric at the tip and the "shoulders" where the sword hilts would be. I was worried about the white (actually off-white) thread, once I was done re-stitching. Likewise, I didn't quite get the right/dark enough shade of brown on the new handle, and Ron pointed out that its kinda big. But based on the owner's reaction its fine.

Change of Wednesday Plans

Yesterday morning I had a dental cleaning, and the plan was to go to work afterwards. But after my appointment I had a meltdown instead (not from the cleaning itself, but from finding out I likely have several more crowns in my future added to having a phobia about dental work). Fortunately, I realized said meltdown was imminent and went home, melting down safely in the driveway, on Elrond's shoulder, to Pippin (he doesn't appreciate being held), and finally on Ron when he got home.

After I recovered Ron took me out to lunch, with a margarita to aid and abet said recovery. Then we went to Berland's House of Tools to look at jobsite boxes. Our conclusion was that the ones Berland's carries are too good - they're tougher and hence more expensive than we need (or the yellow one we already have).

Next stop was Home Despot, to look at another jobsite box, in our price range, and with an interior shelf and bins. The bins are for small parts, not really useful for us. Also, the locking mechanism, which can be a problem based on on-line reviews, did not impress Ron, nor did the plastic plugs in the bottom.


Back home again, we started working on putting swivel snaps on tails. Ron riveted strips of heavy garment/upholstery leather onto the loops in the swivels, then I sewed them onto the tails. Some I was able to sew them in so the leather and most of the stitching was hidden, others I wasn't able to hide the leather.

Good thing I ended up staying home yesterday, sewing the tails took pretty much the whole afternoon. One of the raccoon tails had been split down most of the length, so after attaching the swivel I kept on going and sewed it back into a roughly tubular shape. It looks much better now.

Then I tortured Ron by getting him to type information into Numbers (the Mac-native spreadsheet I use for books) for the tails while I figured costs, prices, and put tags on the tails.

Naughty Dog Digression

All the time we were working with the tails we had to fend off a too-helpful Pippin. The tails smell so interesting!! I think I interrupted an attempt to steal one of the tails from Ron. He was at least going to taste it.

Going back in time a bit, while I was melting down, Pippin managed to get a heavy Corningware casserole off of the counter without breaking it, or hurting himself. No idea how he accomplished it.


Finished up the last two large frogs today at lunch (one only had a bit to go, the other had to have the last bit of lacing removed and re-done for I don't want to talk about it reasons). IIRC I've got three or four small black frogs left to lace up, but I've already got some made, so I'm not going to stress about getting them done.

Schedule Update

As you may note, the gaming convention next weekend is now off the list. The person in charge called last night. He apologized for the lack of response, it sounds like the person who was supposed to be coordinating the vendors severely dropped the ball. I cosulted Ron, then thanked him for the call but declined the offer of vendor space, explaining that we've scheduled other things since we didn't hear from his con.

I felt a little bit bad, but not much. If they'd responded before I scheduled ourselves into the anime con this weekend I probably would have gone for it, but I think it would wipe us out - maybe not in terms of stock, but in terms of retaining sanity. And sleep.

Still no vendors listed for Boar's Head, but I sent off our registration information almost a week ago, so I'm pretty sure we're in. We're not listed on the Military History Fest website yet, but they cashed my check, so again I'm pretty sure we're good.

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