Friday, September 7, 2012

Schedule, and Not

Oops, I see that I never pulled the "Tentative" label off of the Northshield Coronation tomorrow. I think we'll just call it too late now and leave a note to self to pull it off the list Sunday or Monday.

Thanks to the dental chaos on Wednesday (see personal blog) and a meeting last night, I continued to not get things done in the evenings this week. I have, however, been working on lacing up some soft pouches at lunchtimes. Should finish the lacing on one today, then I have to make a chain to hold a hook on it. It'll just get a fairly simple chain, so hopefully it won't take long.

Got a note on Etsy last night from a person organizing a craft show for the Salt Creek Rural Park District in November. I think this is a new thing for them. Only $20 for a 10' x 10' space, but the show is only open 9 am - 1 pm.

But cheap.

I could set up just belts and purses. And satchels. And jingle bells, since the show is mid-November. And maybe book covers.

No no no! Craft shows bad!

But we'd only need to sell a couple things...

Craft shows suck!

But cheap...





. . .

Can I tell Pens By Kris about it? He might sell pens. And paracord bracelets.

You may tell Kris.

We could set up next to K...


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