Friday, September 21, 2012

More Shopping

Today was another shopping day.

First up, and most boring, I ordered a literature display rack for patterns. Depending on how much space I give to the patterns I can also use it for my kits and the hand-sewing books I have left over from MuseCon for sale.

Next was yarn: Suri Elegance from The Alpaca Yarn Company. I got Midnight Blue, Ble Blood Red, Silver, Pearl Harbor (a blue-grey), Copper, and from the multi-colored choices, Raku (blues and purples). Expected to ship out today.

Struck out a couple more times in finding a wholesale supplier for knitting needles, so off I stomped to the Tandy/Leather Factory store.

At Tandy I got Stupid Amounts of mystery-braid snake bracelet kits, a couple hoops to display tails, and hand-sewing tools and (relatively) small spools of thread.

After lunch a friend pointed me toward a company in China selling knitting needles and things Stupid Cheap. She mentioned a large minimum order, but it turned out to be only US$30. That's a lot of stuff at the prices the company charges, but not in pain-to-the-wallet department. I chose a FedEx option that should have it to me next week.

Last night I made attempt #2 on making a leather handle. Much better this time around. Plan is to spend tomorrow sewing that, and then re-sewing the case it goes on between customers tomorrow.

Assuming we have customers. Highs in the mid-50s and only a 40% of not-rain by this morning's WeatherBug forecast is not encouraging. Must dig out the wool cloaks tonight. In my copious spare time . . . HAH!

I packed up a bin of stuff to go in the trailer this morning. Tonight I need to pack up tools, things to work on, garb, get food, stop at CVS for my dairy pills as I'm really really close to out, pack up more odds and ends, and order or stop for dinner at some point. And probably something else I'm forgetting.

Also sent off our registration paperwork for Boar's Head today. Busy busy busy.

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