Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Further Event Reportage

Some more bits from Saturday that I skipped over yesterday.

Food-Finding Follies

The Northshield Coronation was held a Cardinal Stritch University, and there was mention on the event website about a cafeteria. I assumed that we would, therefore, be able to procure lunch at said cafeteria, and so I wasn't too worried when we didn't make it out to get lunch-type food Friday night.

We got up at 5:30, so a bit before 11 Ron went off to recconnoitre for the cafeteria. He came back with a report that it was closed, with no signs of activity.

At that point we lamented not packing a lunch, yea verily; and Ron proceeded to the tables where a fundraising sale was taking place and procured baked goods. Yummy yummy baked goods, but not exactly meal-type food.

Noonish or a bit later I asked somebody that seemed confident about procuring lunch at the cafeteria where it was located. Down some hallways thataway. I followed said hallway, turned left when it ended, and found myself at the Student Union, where a lunch was in progress that was fairly obviously not public. A nice lady there directed me to the actual cafeteria.

Getting to the cafeteria involved a right turn shortly before the end of the hallway, through a side hallway that did not look like a main route, down a ramp, along another hallway, around another corner or two, and finally there.

Interesting setup: pay your $5.mumble and then get, as far as I could tell, as much food as you could manage. The main events were spaghetti and omelettes - get your filling and then the omelette would be cooked while you waited. I opted for omelettes, the spaghetti was not encouraging.

No disposable plates, etc. The very nice cashier went back and found a couple paper plates. The cook then decided they were a melty risk, and found a couple sheets of foil.

Retraced my way back to Ron (Fortunately, we have our very own cafeteria-style tray, so I didn't have to juggle the paper plates). Omelettes consumed. Quite acceptable, and much better for one's blood sugar than a diet consisting solely of carbs.

But we were still both pretty hungry by the time we got to the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Kenosha. Yes, we will remembering to take lunch to Fox Hunt.

Sharine a Site

At the same time as the SCA event, and in fairly close proximity, was a conference of some kind. I don't read Spanish, so the signage wasn't particularly enlightening, but I think it was training for Lay Readers.

Every so often the Spanish-language groups would break and flow through the main hallways - and merchants were set up in one of said hallways. I only got a couple questions from people wearing that group's nametags, but lots of looking as people walked by.

Then there were groups of what I'm guessing were new or prospective students, getting tours. They moved through fairly fast, not much contact from them.

The first time a man in a brown cassock went by, I didn't really notice at first, as you get the occasional clerical persona in the SCA. Then I realized that as we were at "Cardinal Stritch" he might just be a real-life clerical person. Confirmed when a couple more gentlemen dressed the same came by. Also saw some nuns, and chatted for a couple minutes with a nun in disguise (at least I assume that from a reference to the convent).

The hall we were in also got regular traffic from the food service department. Several of the staffed paused to talk to us.

Also had a nice conversation with a couple who trail ride (discussed saddlebags and other suchlike things) and were either police or some kind of security officers.

In any case, it was a fair amount of non-SCA traffic for an SCA event. :)

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