Thursday, September 20, 2012

State of Things Update


Last night the rest of the tails arrived! This batch was from the supplier I've bought antler bits from previously, off in Idaho. The tails are individually packaged (cellophane-ish soft plastic tubes - more crinkly than plastic wrap, but about as thick) and labelled, so you know exactly which is which. The company here in Illinois stuffed everything into one envelope.

I resisted taking any of the big tails out of their packaging, because as Ron pointed out, getting them back in could prove difficult to impossible. But through the plastic they feel nice and thick and fluffy. The dogs were uninterested, I think because the packaging helped cut down on fascinating smells.

I got tails from, IIRC, tanuki (racoon dog, aka Pom Poko), silver fox, cross fox, I think a red fox, kit fox, and raccoon, and a half-dozen ermine tails for pouches. The ermine were in a zippy bag so I did open those. Very very soft.

Now we need to start sewing swivel snaps onto the tails. It shouldn't take long to do any one tail, we just have a dozen of them to do.

Handle Frustration

Finally made progress on the handle I said I was going to work on Monday night. Mixed success. I checked a reference last night and I think the problem is not in my general approach, but in the details. I'll try again tonight with a modified design, as I want to get the handle and case it goes on sewn this weekend.

Belts and other Strap-Like Objects

Maybe while I poke at the handle some more tonight Ron can assemble belts. And if the handle doesn't take too long, I can cut and mark pieces for sword hangers. And short straps with dees to adapt belt pouches for sporran use, which Ron can do without me if necessary.

Yarn? Kntitting Needles? Other Stringy Bits?

I think I will be ordering yarn tomorrow. Hopefully knitting needles, although I'm still waiting for an answer from one company on if I qualify for a wholesale account. I called yesterday since it had been a week since I'd spoken with someone, have not received a return call or e-mail. Not optimistic.

Ron's Mom has a new website for her knitting patterns, Go forth and buy things. I need to double-check skill ratings on patterns and see which of her newer patterns I want to get - I could use a few more smaller/simpler ones, I think.

Schedule and Other Odds and Ends

Not-Responda-Con is still not talking. Maneki Neko Con's FB group continues to be busy. Fox Hunt class schedule is up. IIRC there's classes in making a chemise, hood, inkle weaving, and other fun stuff. Weather looks like it'll be chilly, so we could be cold and get sunburned, woo hoo!

Note to self: find cloaks.

I remembered the other day that earlier this year I bought fabric to make a cover/tablecloth for the big yellow road case. Really need to find some round tuits and do so. Maybe Not-Responda-Con weekend.

Tomorrow evening we need to procure sustenance for Saturday. Not that the lunch menu for Fox Hunt sounds bad, but the last event was just a reminder, not a previously un-learned lesson, not to rely getting lunch at an event. Given the expected weather, I'll discuss with Ron if we want to bring the little propane grill and grillables to warm our tummies.

The exception to that being Boar's Head, which is usually at sites, where we're not allowed to bring in outside food. But IIRC the lunches there have been decent enough that I don't grumble. Apropos of Boar's Head, I need to mail off my merchant registration form.

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