Monday, September 3, 2012

Underwhelming Accomplishments

Saturday morning was eaten, as so often Saturday mornings are, in running errands. But in the afternoon I did get some belts split and braided.

Sunday was consumed with extracting honey (more natter about that on my personal blog).

Today I had ambitions, but the weather destroyed them. By the numbers the temperature shouldn't be bad, but the humidity is awful, so we've been hiding from it in the bedroom.

I haven't accomplished making anything, but I have gotten the books caught up to date. This was a significant accomplishment. Bad me for letting them get behind.

Actually, the books are still a smidge out of date - I haven't updated the hardware inventory. I'm debating if I want to continue it how I've been doing it, or change my method, with a strong leaning to making a change. I won't bore you by attempting to describe the details.

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