Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wallet Test-Run

I printed out my wallet pattern last night on my hotel's glacially-slow, but free, and free as good, printer. Found tape, but no scissors, so the back of my pad of paper is scored up from using my pocketknife.

Looks like it needs to be wider. I haven't double-checked bill, intended,as-drawn, and as-printed sizes yet (waiting to get home to a ruler >6" long) to see what happened. One other bit needs to be lengthened,also. But I think they should be a reasonably straightforward set of revisions. CAD is good.


  1. If you need any CAD work done let me know, I have the resources and s bit of free time ;)

  2. Me using CAD to design simple pouches is bad enough, you using AutoCad is to do so is Gratuitous Use of Technology . . .

    . . . not that that's a bad thing. :D