Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wandering Muses

I have discovered & signed onto U of I public Wi-Fi - in Champaign for a floodplain manager's conference for the pesky day job. Chat seems to be inoperative, but at least I can check e-mail. (Schmoozing between sessions is definitely Not My Thing) And blog, obviously, although both the on-screen and hardware keyboards force hunt & peck, which is frustratingly slow for a 10-fingered (if not particularly good) typist. Also more buggy

Last night after getting to my hotel I amused myself by converting a Civil War-era wallet pattern to modern-size currency. In another "what we do before Wikipedia?" moment, it was eased by finding the old and modern currency sizes. I'll probably take advantage of my hotel's apparently free printing service (and hopefully find a pair off scissors) and do a test-run in paper. The pattern I was working from calls for fairly light leather, which makes a paper test more viable.

Apropos of my parenthetical comment above on schmoozing and speakers in past years, I expect to get a lot of doodling done today and tomorrow. Hopefully useful and/or productive.

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