Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cartridge Pouch

This pouch was made from (gasp!) Someone Else's pattern. How very very odd, we almost always make up our own. It's based on a Confederate piece from the Civil War. The outer flap calls out for something, the picture on the pattern shows a metal CS plate there. The original was dyed black, but as a possible part of the Steampunk Project, that went out the window.

It has both belt loops and a shoulder strap, The Otter Pup is shown modelling it here using both.

Here is what the back of the thing looks like with the shoulder strap and the belt threaded through the appropriate loops.

The original design called for a standard buckle that has no form of a keeper. I substituted a center bar buckle which forces the tails of the shoulder strap to point forward, which tends to interfere with the flap. If I make another I think I will use the standard buckle that it called for.

I think that on the next one I will make the belt loops wider that way it will be more stable if the shoulder strap isn't used.

It also has an inside pocket and inner flap. Altogether, it's a fairly hefty little pouch, so the provision for the shoulder strap makes sense.

On this one I pre-punched all the stitch holes before assembly.
I think this weekend I'll start a version in all black for sale. This time I think I will skip pre-punching the holes for the side walls, I'll just punch them as I go. Other than that, pre-punching the rest should make it easier to do the assembly.

But before that I have a wrist-rocket bracer to re-do...

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