Saturday, March 7, 2009

I can has supplies!

The leather and hardware I ordered arrived on Wednesday and Thursday. In a great case of irony, the rivet-back studs I ordered from Weaver Leather are from Tandy/Leather Factory. I need to check my catalogs and see which is charging me more. I did place yet another order (from another supplier) on Thursday for a wider edge creaser than the one I got Wednesday, black linen hand-sewing thread, and blades for another tool. But at this point I'm good to go on more work on The Steampunk Project.

Today's task, designing all the bits for a Sam Browne belt. There's no reason I couldn't have started before I got the hardware, as I had a pretty good idea of sizes, it's been more of a Round Tuit thing. I've decided to hold off on the map case until I get the belt figured out, so I can do more with matching strap ends, etc.

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