Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Introduction to The Steampunk Project

Design Considerations:
The color scheme for the Steampunk Project is browns, with brass hardware. Now, part if this is a bit because I get tired of black, but mostly because it just seems to be what the look needs. I'm aiming for late Victorian, definitely British influence. Kind of a mythical idealized Raj look. Yeah, I'm a Kipling fan, guilty guilty guilty.

I don't envision much, if any, lacing in the project, although I won't rule it out.

Supply Requisiton:
Friday I placed an order with one of our suppliers for hardware for the Steampunk Project (and for black leather for belts). Friday night we hit Cabela's and we picked up empty brass cartridges in a couple sizes in the Bargain Cave.

Saturday morning we ran out to The Leather Factory store and picked up a pattern for a Civil-War era belt pouch/shoulder bag. I don't see it on their web site, I suspect it's something the local store manager has decided to carry on his own (which is one of the reasons I like him). I then decided to heck with patterns and the books I've been going through all week, I'd do things my own way.

It later turned out that t
he weekend projects alone put quite a dent in our supply of havana (dark brown) harness leather, so Monday morning I was on the phone ordering more havana, and more hardware - I'd only ordered enough for part of the project, upon reflection.

Over the course of the weekend I produced two prototype pouches, and Ron produced two shell holders. Ron got pictures (in our new light tent), but AFAIK hasn't posted them yet. I decided my next project would be a map case, and Ron decided on doing the bag I referred to above.

And if that wasn't enough, Ron and The Sprout made two new pouch molds on Sunday. One is for the Steampunk Project, the other isn't.

Last night I cut out the bag Ron's currently working on. The body is russet (very light tan) harness leather, with havana sides, pockets, etc. I also finished laying out another belt pouch, I may cut that out tonight since I'm on hold on the map case until I get the leather I ordered yesterday. I ordered bright and early, and I've had shipments arrive the next day in the past, but I'm not holding my breath.

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