Friday, March 13, 2009

I'll take "Print Scaling" for $500, please, Alex

Turns out my wallet pattern was too small because of a print scaling issue. I printed my test-pattern from a .pdf over an on-line printing service at the hotel, and either missed, or wasn't presented with, the chance to check for print scaling. I did have one section that needed to be lengthened, as I'd suspected. I'd missed a half-inch. All fixed. There's a couple locations that I'll determine once I have the real leather in front of me, but I'm ready to cut out. Ron has kindly volunteered to take custody of the prototype.

The plan for tonight is to get either pizza or chinese delivered and cut out stuff. Ron didn't get around to cutting out a black cartridge case, I'm ready to go on the wallet, and I have two brand-new hard pouch styles on the molds that need backs. Ron can run pieces through the splitter (before or after cutting, as appropriate), and maybe even wax the hard pouches. Just the wallet and cartridge case should enough to keep us busy at the craft show tomorrow. Experience shows that customers like to see you working on things.

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