Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Recap

Yesterday's post was long, rambling, and really only covered what I did yesterday (but hopefully was interesting to the relations), so here's a more abbreviated recap of the weekend.

I can't remember what we did Friday evening. I may have worked on a few of the sewn pouches.

Saturday we finished all the sewn pouches (sporrans, belt satchels, little tabbed pouches), went to a MuseCon meeting (and worked on lacing pouches), and Ron did most of the work getting all the new pouches and tails into inventory. Apparently my organization of the cost computation spreadsheets and price list is not intuitive. My defense on the spreadsheets is that they've grown over time. All the new pouches, 36 out of 40, are currently packed into a bin. (a very full bin, without a lid). 

Saturday evening I fixed the tail that Marmaduke bought at CodCon, which had suffered an accident involving a rolling chair. I also sewed swivels onto two of the dozen new ones. Sunday, between breaks to rest my hands and do other things I nattered about in yesterday's post, I got swivels on the rest of the tails. As I mentioned yesterday, I declared that quite enough accomplished for the day. 

Left to do:

Do the additional cutting needed for the half-dozen or so belts that will be braided. And braid them. My hints that Ron and Robin do the cutting yesterday while I sewed tails failed. 

See if we need to make any more black or london tan (gold) belts. I don't think so, but I don't have the updated inventory list to check. 

Finish lacing the bodies on the last four pouches (flaps are already done, courtesy of Xap). Actually more like three and a half, as I got about half done on one earlier today. 

Make sure the UPS, wireless hot spot, and portable printer batteries are charged. 

Get food for lunches for the weekend, probably will do a PeaPod order for Thursday morning to take care of that. And food for Robin for the weekend, since he's manning the home front.

Get change.

Yes, the list is getting very short, and definitely down to last-minute stuff. Which is appropriate. I'm down to worrying (but not too much) about parking. Not sure if that's because everything else is taken care of, or its too late to worry about other things at this point.

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