Friday, May 10, 2013

Good, and Annoying

Good: I can pick up everybody's badges when I check in with the ACen Exhibits Hall staff.

Good: The baby cart arrived Wednesday, and required minimal assembly.

Good: The receipt printer arrived Wednesday.

Annoying: It included not the sample roll of paper I expected, but sample receipts. 

Good: Robin remembered a 9-pack of paper rolls bought for the credit card terminal that we had when we had a traditional merchant account.  They're the right width.

Minor annoyance: The rolls are too large in diameter, so we have to strip some off. 

Good: The slightly-too-large rolls were from Staples, and a new 9-pack is much, much cheaper than a single roll of OEM paper. So much so even if we don't re-roll and use the stripped off bits (which the printer seems to accept happily) we come out ahead.

Good: Getting things done. Just over half of the big batch of 27 sewn pouches are done, and I think I have enough strips cut to make binding for the rest.

Annoying: Dishes. And the house is nearing has reached disaster area status.

Good: The weather has allowed us to assign Robin the task of cooking dinner on the grill the last few nights. 

Really annoying: The banners arrived last night, and are a mess. They're supposed to look like this, with the main area cream/light tan background, and I expected a white margin/hem.  

As best we can tell, the idiots at Bing Banners assumed the background was supposed to be white, and achieved this by messing with the contrast, so the words and image are washed out. Nor did they send me the PDF proof I requested.

Good: Refund has been processed, and they don't want them back (not that return shipping would have come out of my pocket!).

Good: I decided the banner we have is just fine, I'm not going to make myself crazy trying again (somewhere else!) before ACen.

Good: Tests with the printer did not turn up any serious issues with the POS software output. A couple easy/minor tweaks/corrections have been made.

Still lots to do - finish pouches, pouches, and still some more pouches,  sew swivels on tails, split belts for braiding and braid, and get everything tagged and into inventory.

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