Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bottles and Test Tubes

Last night I ordered test tubes - a batch of colored ones, with a plastic stand (10 each of 5 colors), a batch of clear ones, and another batch of shorter clear ones, which should fit into the small Civil War-era cartridge belt pouch. Also got another batch of colored test tubes for Robin. Also black rubber stoppers for the test tubes.

Then this morning I ordered some more clear ones in both sizes. The clear plastic test tubes are available in two different types of plastic, and last night I'd ordered the less clear ones. It was too late to edit my order, so I ordered the more clear ones this morning. They're relatively inexpensive, and the supplier has a "no questions" return policy, if I decide to pay return shipping. 

I've had an idea for filling the (clear) test tubes, but I have to get materials and do some experimentation. Last night over dinner we were discussing pouch-ish things to hold and show off test tubes, need to do some more shopping for that, too. Also going to make a bandolier or two, right now I'm waffling about making the loops out of leather or cotton web, and if leather sewing them down or riveting. Lots of copper rivets is definitely a steampunk look, and simpler than sewing (even by machine), so may go with that. 

The nice thing about steampunk is that it's brown-leather friendly. On the other hand, Robin has plans for a dieselpunk outfit, which means black leather. I love you too, son. 

This morning I also ordered bottles. I got pretty cobalt blue cylindrical ones with a plastic screw cap, and clear ones with corks in three shapes: square, cylindrical, and spherical. I didn't get quite as many of the squares as the others, as I don't like the shape quite as well. The pictures of the clear bottles are to scale with one another, the blue bottle is actually smaller.

 Need to make a decision about Ragnarok Rampage (SCA event). It's moved a little farther away (used to be at Plowman's Park, with a good location for the merchants), and it wasn't a super-great event last year. OTOH, the house has demanded a sacrifice to The Plumbing Gods, which will be putting a significant dent in the ACen proceeds. Growf. 

Which reminds me, I need to go through the list of pouches sold, pull sold ones off of Etsy and ArtFire, and turn those back on (put them on "vacation mode" shortly before ACen). And get holders made for the two triangular bottles from the dining room, and get those put up for sale. 

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