Friday, May 3, 2013

Other Pouch Done & Shopping

We got the second custom pouch that was ordered at CodCon finished last night, I packed them up, and off they went to their purchasers today.

Here's the one I finished last night:

The customer asked for the single hanging tab, not my idea. I'm not enthused with it, but that's OK if the customer likes it. 

Ron waxed the front after dinner while I sewed the flap and tab onto the back, then we worked on the lacing, passing it back and forth as we sorted parts and marked belt loop locations on the big pile of soft stitched pouches. 

My plan for tonight is to do the CodCon books, then maybe even start poking at inventory in preparation for importing into the sales app. However, I also have a history of getting home on Friday nights and turning into a pumpkin, so we'll see what actually happens. 

Having determined that the big parking garage for the Donald E. Stephens convention center is a block or two away, this morning I was musing on the best way to make our lives easier for hauling the UPS and whatever odds and ends we'd be moving back and forth with us during ACen. The trick is that we'll probably be taking the car (fits in parking garages better than the truck), which means the handtruck is Right Out. And there's not going to be a lot of room behind the tables, either.

Various permutations on this rolling/folding crate got a lot of poor reviews for durability. 

I like folding canvas-bodied wagons like this one, but I'm not sure about practicability, and it apparently has steering issues.

If money was no object there's the option of a folding Magliner handtruck.

Then I remembered this line of "MultiCarts" that we had admired in the past at Calumet Photographic. They seem pretty sturdy and well-designed. There is a handtruck member of the family, but we decided on the smallest four-wheeled version, which can also be used as a two-wheel handtruck - there are a lot of times that four wheels are better than two. I considered getting a solid deck piece for it, but decided to skip it for now. I can also see this little cart being useful when we go to conventions, and other times when we need to schlep stuff, but don't want/need our bigger Magliner-clone convertible handtruck. 

After months and months, I finally gathered up some Round Tuits and ordered a couple more banners today, a 2'x2', and a 1'x2'. I think I should have them in plenty of time for ACen, but decided not to pay for the more pricey shipping to make sure. I got fabric that will, hopefully, be light enough to safety-pin to table cloths/table skirts, so we don't have to sacrifice gridwall space. Here's the JPEG versions:

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