Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nattering About Thinking

I turned off vacation mode on the Etsy and ArtFire stores last night. Etsy rather annoyed me, in that you can't see or do anything with your listings while the store is in vacation mode. What the flippity-flip-flip?!? So I had to turn vacation mode off, then go through and delete the hanging pouches that we sold at ACen. The stupid, it burns us, Precious.

The company I ordered the test tubes from is in Louisiana, but the order is actually coming from Seattle. Grumble. 

I've been looking at my book of "American Military Belts and Related Equipments" for bandolier ideas. Unsuccessfully, as there's only one bandolier in it. OTOH, I've learned that most cartridge belts were fabric instead of leather because early cartridges were copper, and leather cartridge belts had more issues with dampness, which led to formation of verdigris on the cartridges, which caused Problems, with a capital P, such as jamming.  

However, test tubes do not, under typical conditions, form verdigris, so that isn't an issue. Unless we stumble across a cache of copper ones. 

Thinking of getting a custom embossing roll made, so that we can emboss some gears on it and call it steampunk

I think my hands and wrists have pretty much recovered, and getting that antsy feeling to start working on things again. Maybe I'll start put together the pistol cartridge belt that I've got cut out, so that when the test tubes arrive I can see if we'll need to lengthen the flap or make any other changes to hold the smaller test tubes. 

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