Sunday, May 5, 2013

Did I mention "Busy"?

Friday night we accomplished picking up a PeaPod order, eating dinner, and dropping the truck off for Robin to get himself home from his D&D game. We also wandered around Williams-Sonoma deciding what we wanted to spend a belated Christmas gift certificate on (no decision made yet). Didn't accomplish doing the CodCon books.

I did do the CodCon books Saturday morning, updated inventory to correct the belt count we did a week or two ago, and went through and tried to clean up some stuff to simplify importing inventory into RingItUp.

I wasn't entirely successful. Also, Ron found all sorts of inconsistencies in my record-keeping. But we now have about 360 items in RingItUp, with some more to add. But most are in.

After much waffling, I ordered a battery-operated Bluetooth receipt printer, along with an extra battery and battery charger. Yes, one of the things we'd previously written off as too expensive. We decided it would be worth it in the wrong run (and the cost will be mostly covered by our toy stash).

Yesterday and today Ron and I have been working on sewn pouches, 27 of them. - sporrans, belt satchels, and little tabbed pouches. At this point all of them have their belt loops and sporran loops attached, half of the latches attached (the bits that go on the pouch fronts) and fronts (with front pockets, when applicable) sewn to gussets. After dinner Ron plans to hem the front/gusset combos.

After that the remaining steps are sewing the fronts/gussets to the backs/flaps (with pockets, in some cases), putting the binding on the flaps (a two-step process), and putting the flap pieces of the latches on. Except the little tabbed pouches, because all the holding-closed bits are already done on those.

Also today I got two lace mania pouches and two belt pouch versions of a small purse ready for assembly. And I e-mailed the ACen exhibit hall staff to ask how/where we get our badges. I suspect we'll all have to go to Registration and show ID, but I'm hoping the exhibit hall staff will have them. Ideally, I could pick up everybody's, but I'm not holding my breath. Had we registered earlier we could have had badges mailed, for a small surcharge, but IIRC the deadline for that was April 1.

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