Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Follow-Up

So far I'm happy with the tool chests for hardware, but 1 day's use doesn't really tell us a lot, does it? Now I need to gather up the odds and ends of hardware that are nesting in several places around the dining room and put them away. They're probably more of a nuisance to put away than the initial filling-of-drawers with pre-sorted large amounts of things.

The Publications deadlines for MuseCon are sneaking up on me quickly - the first one is only two and a half weeks away, and the final deadline is two weeks after that. And this week I need to update my signage for the party at WisCon - which is making sure the times listed are correct, and putting in the right day and room number. I should probably do that tonight so I'm not asking anybody to print/copy them at the last minute.

I haven't taken any more Graphic Design classes at Harper since the Variable Data Technologies/junk mail 101 class I took fall semester finished. There's pieces of a couple classes that looked interesting, but nothing that was quite enough for me to feel like it was worth the cost. Summer is busy for us with SCA events and MuseCon, so I won't even think of looking at classes, and Robin will be starting at Harper come fall, so I think I'm done for the time being.

I was looking at my to-do list for Otter Necessities, and it keeps growing, even when I get things done. Part of that is because I keep doing things that never made it onto the list in the first place - like all the machine sewn pouches I've done in the last couple weeks, and getting the tool chests and moving the frequently-used hardware into them.

And then, making sporrans has actually added to the to-do list - now we need to make sporran straps/hangers, get pictures, do some work on kilt/Sam Browne belts (currently they don't use the Sam Browne hooks, which I'm going to correct Real Soon Now), and make a "kilt accessories" web page with sporrans, hangers/straps, and the wide belts. And list things on Etsy/ArtFire.

Back at the beginning of the month/late April we brought some pouches in to get pictures of so I could put them on the website/Etsy/ArtFire. My thinking was that since we didn't have any sales events in May, I should try to encourage on-line sales. Guess how well we've done on that? Yeah, not so much. And the next four weekends are not going to be conducive to getting things done (although Saturday of graduation weekend is actually relatively free . . . so far).

That said, in the next two weeks I'm hoping to sew up two black satchels, and put the shoulder straps on them and the copper-colored one I've already sewn. I think that's a reasonable goal for evenings, in addition to getting the boatload of recently-finished pouches into inventory and tagged, and doing some other fiddly behind-the-scenes work, but we'll see.

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