Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Administrivia & Other Frivolous Natter

As sorta-kinda-predicted, I didn't work on books or cut anything out last night; I watched some Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes.

In other news, the US Postal Service says that the package for New Zealand left the US on the 11th from NYC (I mailed it on the morning of the 5th, obviously it took the slow boat to the east coast!), and they'd expect it to have been delivered by now (delivery confirmation was not an available service). I've e-mailed the buyer to ask if it has been. Note to self, if/when buying from overseas again, e-mail seller upon successful receipt of goods.

Have gotten answers to my questions for the people in charge of merchants at Ragnorak Rampage and Border Skirmish, need to send my registration information for each.

Having ideas for more complex belt frogs/sword hangers. Must look at historic designs for the bit of military kit known as the sabertache this evening.

In the stack of things that have been sitting around for a while needing to be finished are several parti-color belt satchels. In the past I cut out little tabs so they buckled shut, now I'm considering if there's a way to use the tabs I've got dies on order to make - the tricky bit is the seam up the middle of the parti-color things. Easy enough to sew a tab over, not something you want to put a buttonhole or hardware through. Think think, think think think . . . may have to wait until I get the dies and can cut some experimental tabs to play with.

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