Monday, May 7, 2012

Bits & Pieces

The Beer Gut did make it safely to NZ, and the customer really likes it, yay!

Upper respiratory thing still hanging on, boo.

Looking at sporrans on-line Friday night allowed us to figure out what we needed to know. Also found several places selling the fancy usually-silver top pieces, known as the cantle. I may get a couple at some point. No further progress on sporrans.

Saturday we relaxed. Not sure if I could have been productive, but I didn't try.

Yesterday wasn't really productive, either. But I did pull out my copy of "The American Military Saddle: 1776-1945", and got sucked in by the section on saddlebags. I know have Google Books copies of several U.S. Army Ordnance Manuals and Ordnance Memoranda with drawings and descriptions of saddlebags. I'm thinking of adapting one (or maybe a couple) to use the bag portion as a satchel, since I don't have a horse, and I'm not sure how many saddlebags I could sell.

Home today, since I'm not sure I could stay awake between here and the office, or at my desk. May poke some more for saddlebag and similar things patterns.

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